The Catalog of Knob Springs, Retainers and Fasteners
The Catalog

d-springs   metric d-spring sizes   
d-springOur most popular style of Knob Spring, available in the greatest variety of stock sizes. Make your selection by part number from a wide range of English (inch) or Metric (millimeter) sizes.

d-spring w/ barbs
d-spring w/ barbIdentical to the "D"-springs above, but with sharp barbs added to the corners of the flat side to lock the spring securely into the knob cavity.

double flat springs
double flat springThese springs fit some unusual types of control shafts which have two flats located opposite one another.

flat springs
flat springFlat springs hold the knob in place by applying spring pressure to just one side of the shaft. Since the spring does not encircle the shaft, one size can work with many different shafts and knobs.

hi-torque springs
hi-torque springThis distinctively-shaped spring is favored by many in applications where higher torque forces will be applied to the knob.

locking springs
locking springThough easily removed by means of a special tool, these springs hold the knob very securely to the shaft. Especially useful for "Push-Pull" knob applications.

springs for round, slotted, and knurled shafts
round springHere's a variety of springs designed to secure knobs to round, slotted and knurled shafts.

square and rectangular springs
square and rectangular springAs the title implies, these springs are for use with square and rectangular control shafts.

compression rings
compression ringThese reinforcing rings apply pressure uniformily around the outside of the knob cavity, which reinforces the plastic while securing the knob in place.

u and j fasteners
u fastenerA locking press-fit to a flange or edge allows speedy assembly of just about anything, including automotive assemblies, dashboards, door panels, etc.

spring washers for studs
spring washer for studAn assortment of fasteners designed to allow quick, press-together assembly of just about everything else.

Several are available to help prevent rust and corrosion. Pick the one that's best for you.

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